Maize Sheller

Agricultural And Farming Implements




Disc Plough

Disc Ridger

Disc Harrow

Farm Trailer

Tractor Front End Loader

Level Lift

Front Dozer Blade

Fertilizer Broadcaster Spreader

Mould Board Plough

Pneumatic Planter

Mechanical Seed Drill

Post Hole Digger

Maize Sheller

Rice Thresher And Reaper

Potato Planter And Digger

Rottary Broom

Lawn Slasher

Boom Sprayer


Capacity Models: 1, 1.4, 1.6 ton per hr.
Required Power: 7 - 10hp Electric Motor or Min. 35hp Tractor
Weight of Machine: 250 - 320 Kg

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